In the table below you will find a brief overview of the ESF European Individual Closed Squash Championships 2023 schedule.

Matches overview for each day of the event will be available leter.

More detailed information will be added as we near the tournament.

BEFORE THE EVENT 15 May Online entry opens on ESF Tournament Software website
7 July Closing date for entries (Regulation A2)
7 July Notification of accommodation requirements to host (hotel package)
7 July Payment of entry fee and event packages to ESF (Regulation A1)
7 July Payment of optional hotel package fee to host (Regulation A1)
2 August Provide travel details to Host
2 August Publication of seeding and draw information by ESF (Regulation T3)


Date   Time Players
DURING THE EVENT 21 August Arrival date 14:30 – 20:30 yes
Managers meeting (at the squashcenter / court 2) 20:00:00
Referee meeting (at at the squashcenter) TBA
22 August Opening Ceremony – Glass Court 10:45:00 09:00 – 17:00 yes
1st Day of Play
23 August 2nd Day of Play yes
24 August 3rd Day of Play yes
25 August Finals date 14:00 Women yes
15:00 Men
Prizegiving ceremony at the glass court After men’s final
Final dinner at Concordia Taste Wrocław 19:00 – 24:00
26 August Departure date no