Airport Transfers | Taxi


For the players & support crew that book the hotel package, the organisers will provide transport between designated arrival/departure points and the hotel.


Hotel package doesn’t include shuttle bus between hotel and the sport facility as the Championships Hotel is in walking distance from Hasta la Vista Center (5 min walk).

Hasta la Vista is located in the city center, about 30 minutes form the airport by car, you can take taxi or order the ride by mobile app.  You can also use the public transport (bus No. 106) is the direct connection form airport to the center (bus stop 5 min form the Hasta la Vista).


The most suitable transportation from the Airport is via easily accesible local TAXI companies.

The average costs of taking a taxi in Wrocław are as follows:


  • >>>>> AIRPORT >>>>> HASTA LA VISTA
  • Bolt (Uber): around 30-35zł
  • Regular taxi company: around 42 zł
  • —————————————————————————————
  • Bolt (Uber): 40-50zł
  • Regular taxi company: around 57 zł
  • ————————————————————————————–
  • >>>>> AIRPORT >>>>> TOWN SQUARE
  • Bolt (Uber) – 40-45zł
  • Regular taxi company:  around 49zł


Available payments methods include:

  • taxi companies: cash (PLN) / debit card
  • Bolt: credit card


Most common mobile apps for taxi in Wroclaw. Just need to install them on your phone and write where from, and where to, you want to go.


You preffer public transport ? No problem!

The average costs of taking a bus or tram in Wrocław are as follows:

  • Single run – 4,60 zł / around 1 USD
  • 30 min – 4,00 zł / around 1 USD
  • 60 min – 5,20 zł / around 1,20 USD
  • 24 hour -15,00 zł / around 3,50 USD
  • 7 days (168hours) – 54zł / around 12,50 USD
NOTE: the tickest are available only in the ticket machine in buses and trams, it is only possible to pay by card. Ticket will automatically save on your credit card (show it to controller if necessary). No paper ticket will be provided by the machines inside bus or tram.

There is also mobile app that will help you to find your line.
Just need to install them on your phone and write where from, and where to you want to go.